Real Name: Choi JinRi
Nicknames: Ssul
Position: ... cute person? LOLIDK
DOB: 29 March 1994 (age: 15)
Ethnicity: Korean
Height: 169cm (5'5")

The tallest member of f(x), and also the most hyper. She can be childish, and likes to play
pranks (on Amber) and make bad puns. Even though Krystal is younger, many consider her the "youngest"
because of the way she carries herself. She's the cutest member, and quite famous among fans for her "eye
smile" and infectious laugh. Sometimes in interviews, especially when Luna is talking,
she loses her attention easily. The only one who calls her "Ssul" is Krystal, who has
been her best friend since she was scouted into the company five years ago.

She is also very close with boyband Super Junior, particularly Kim HeeChul.
Has two older brothers. "Jinri" means "real."
Fluent in Korean only :c