Real Name: Jung SooJung
Nicknames: Jjung
Position: Lead Singer
DOB: 24 October 1994 (age: 15)
Ethnicity: Korean-American
Height: 165cm (5'4")

Born in San Francisco, but moved to Korea in her childhood. She was scouted along with her
sister at an early age and has been In-Training since. She has a small attention
spam and a tendency to frown and zone out but never means any disrespect. She
seems like the type that has a hard time saying what she really wants, but
is blunt about others. She acknowledges all her faults without excuses and works her hardest
to overcome them.

Her sister Jessica is part of SNSD, one of Korea's top girl groups. Krystal is the only
member that still lives at home, but her parents' house is only about three minutes
away from f(x)'s dorm. The only one who calls her "Jjung" is Sulli, whom she has been
best friends with for almost five years.
Fluent in Korean and English (and possibly Japanese).