Real Name: Amber Liu
Nicknames: Josephine, unpa
Position: Rapper
DOB: 18 September 1992 (age: 17)
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Height: 167cm (5'4")

An extreme tomboy and mistaken by strangers for male most of her life. Her mannerisms don't
help - she likes to play sports like basketball and taekwondo and is also quite
gentlemanly and takes care of the other members like an older brother. She often
carries their bags and opens doors for them, ties their shoes, etc. (mostly with Krystal). She also likes to
clean, but is the only member who can't cook to save her life. She has a little
difficulty with Korean (not as bad as Victoria though) so she often asks Krystal for
help in English. The other members, particularly Krystal and Sulli, like to tease her a lot, and one word that would
describe her is "whipped."

Amber was born in San Fernando Valley, California. She has an older sister.
Fluent in English, notsupercomplicated Korean, and Chinese.